• Not sure how much cash you need for your next trip?

    Get cash easily while travelling

  • What is Peerex?

    An app that allows you to pick up local currency from a nearby Peerex merchant and have it charged to your credit card.


    It's like having a network of human-powered ATMs around you when you are in a foreign place.

  • Why use Peerex?

    Convenient, trustworthy, and safe.


    Works with all major credit cards

    It's frustrating to find an ATM only to realise that it doesn't work with your bank card or charges a fee that you can't accept. Peerex works with all major credit/debit cards and displays the fee upfront.


    Enjoy standard exchange rates

    Since the transaction is charged to your credit card, you get to enjoy the standard exchange rate offered by your trusted bank. This puts an end to negotiating with money changers on the streets.


    Get cash in small amounts

    It’s unsafe to carry too much cash with you when you travel. Unlike ATM fees (usually USD 5 per withdraw), Peerex’s % based fee allows you to withdraw cash in small amounts only when you need it.

  • How Peerex works?

    The service fee you see in the video is for illustration purpose only. We are still working hard to keep this fee as low as possible for you.

  • Our Vision

    Enabling Micro Money Exchange. Everywhere.

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    Join the waitlist to get 10 FREE cash withdrawals when we launch. Limited to first 100 sign ups!